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Aerotaxis was established in 2010.

The company was formed with the primary objective to provide added value for customers who contribute a great deal to the City of Southampton. The notion of providing discount to Students, Staff of the NHS, emergency services & Southampton City Council resulted in the Green theme. Combined with this objective we have utilised the latest GPS/GRPS despatch technology, experienced drivers who care and well maintained vehicles. The result has proven successful. We have become popular throughout the city catering for the local residents and guests of Southampton. We hope to continue to provide and maintain the high level of service that has been appreciated by many of our customers.


Two types of taxi operate in Southampton, Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles. It is very important you can discriminate between the two.

Southampton Licensed Hackney Carriages
Recognition of a Southampton Hackney Carriage:

Southampton Hackney Carriages are obliged to possess a full roof sign with the words CITY OF SOUTHAMPTON in large letters and the word TAXI below it. The Sign must also display licensed by Southampton City Council and have the city logo on either side. All vehicles will posses these signs, purpose built vehicles usually have in-built signs displayed on the front of the vehicle. These signs will light up in the dark as long as the vehicle is ready for Hire.

Every City/town is given a different colour to represent their Hackney carriages. The Hackney carriages of Southampton are all white in colour. Some may possess large stickers advertising, but are generally white. The Southampton Hackney carriages will also display a badge with license number on the windscreen which should be the same as on the rear red square license plate.

Hackney carriages can be hired by going to the taxi ranks and can also be hailed in the streets. Some Hackney carriages may also possess a Radio system which enables them to take private bookings, they will have to abide by the terms and conditions set but the company they work for. The name of the taxi company they work for will be displayed on the vehicle, e.g. Aero taxis.


Hackney Carriages can only charge up to the metered rate set by the Council for journeys within the City Boundary. The Tariffs will be displayed in each vehicle and a taximeter will calculate the fare; the Tariff increases between 11pm and 6am and on Sundays & Bank Holidays. For any other journey the fare is negotiable with the driver before the start of journey. Drivers not in radio circuit usually charge 25% above the metered fare outside the City Boundary; this extra charge is NOT obligatory and is NOT sanctioned by the Council.

Southampton Licensed Private Hire Vehicles

Recognition of a Southampton Private Hire Vehicle:

Private hire vehicle are easily recognised, they do not possess a roof sign and can be any colour excluding white. All vehicles are licensed by Southampton city council, therefore all badges and license plates are displayed in the same fashion as Hackney carriages. The clear distinct difference of the private hire vehicles is their rear license plate is WHITE in colour, NOT RED. Their license plate number will also be displayed on either side of the passenger doors along with the logo of the company they represent.

Please Remember: It is not legal for a passenger to be carried by a Private hire vehicle without a booking. They cannot be hailed on the streets. Bookings can only be made by calling the number (023) 80 01 02 03 or be sending a text on the following number: 07771 653124


In mixed fleets Private Hire vehicles often have their taximeters set to the same fare structure as the Hackney Carriages. Some other Private Hire Companies may run their own fare structure but the overall fare may not be cheaper. Its best to use a trusted Company who uses the standard fare structure. Aero taxis does not charge an OUT OF BOUNDARY charge on any booking made.

Be aware and stay safe when using Taxis or Private Hire Vehicles
All vehicles and drivers are regulated by strict licensing conditions and is it obligatory for all drivers to display their badge showing their license number and date of expiry. All drivers must provide their badge number if requested.

Many drivers who do not represent Southampton city council may be on the prowl looking for a fare. Be careful; always use a trustworthy Taxi or Private hire vehicle, preferably Aero taxis. Follow any sensible instructions given by the driver. Think of your safety, sit in the back and fasten your seat belt. If you feel you have been overcharged by the driver, obtain all details from the driver and report back to the operating company or the licensing authority. Do not forget to obtain a receipt. Always check your change and make sure you are fully aware of the value of money you are handing to the driver. Most drivers work with good intentions so please respect your driver and his vehicle and you will be treated likewise.


With Caller Line Identification Aero taxis can provide a more efficient, professional and personal telephone service for customers.

When you call Aero taxis your phone number automatically appears on the Booking Screen, when a journey is booked for the first time the pick-up details will be saved along with your phone number. The next time you call the details will automatically appear on the Booking Screen as the telephonist lifts the receiver.

The Aero taxis Call back system will automatically dial your phone to let you know your booked vehicle is outside.

When the driver arrives at the pick-up address he or she simply presses a key on the in-car data unit, which sends a signal to the computer in the office, instructing it to call your phone and make it ring twice. It's free of charge and it's easy to order. When you book your taxi simply ask for call back. When you hear your phone ring twice your taxi is outside. We can even use this on mobile phones so that you can stay inside safe in the knowledge that you will get a phone call when your taxi arrives. In order to use call back, follow these simple steps: (1) Mobile Telephones, (2) Home Telephones

1. First step enter 02380 334038 into your mobile phone under the name of "AERO TAXI OUTSIDE".
2. Once you have done this book your taxi in the usual manner on 02380 01 02 03 using your mobile phone and ask the operator to put your taxi on CALL BACK.
3. When your Taxi arrives the driver will activate CALL BACK and your mobile will ring twice displaying "AERO TAXI OUTSIDE" and then cut off. You should now make your way to the agreed pick up point.

Book your taxi using your home telephone on 02380 01 02 03 and ask the operator for the Call Back service.

When your taxi arrives your telephone will ring and cut off. At this point you should make your way to the agreed pick up point. PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL ITS THE COMPUTER NOT THE DRIVER!!

GPS is the facility by which the operator can track movements of all vehicles. A GPS receiver in each car picks up signals from satellites orbiting the earth and uses the information to calculate the vehicle's position. The in-car unit then transmits that position to the office where the dispatch system allocates the closest pick-up address to ensure that all our cars and drivers are used to maximum efficiency providing your taxi on time.