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Squeaky Clean Routine

Our 5 Point – Squeaky Clean

Car Cleaning Routine

Here are the guidelines we have set out for our drivers to try and keep you safe. Our squeaky clean routine is a simple 5 step plan carried out after every trip.

As part of our Prevent & Protect strategy we hope this will give you conhdence that we are doing our best to keep you safe. #hereforyou

1. Exterior Door Handles

Do not touch the exterior door handle even if you are wearing gloves. If you are using disinfectant wipes please wipe the handle and use the wipe to pull the handle open. If you are using cloth & spray please spray the handle and use the cloth to open.

2. Interior Handle & Hand Ra

Use a disinfectant wipe or spray & cloth to clean the interior handle. Ensure that you cover the whole surface inside & out. Do the same for the hand rail, again making sure you cover the whole surface area?

3. Window Switch or Handle

Wipe the switch or handle thoroughly using a wipe or cloth & spray. It doesn’t matter if your last customer opened the window or not. We recommend that you wipe or spray the entire internal door trim after every trip.

4. Seatbelts & Fastener

Using a disinfectant wipe or cloth & spray clean the belt and the plastic and metal fastener. Using your wipe or cloth pull the seatbelt to its maximum length. Wipe or spray the entire length of the belt and then let it retract back into its holde.

5. Seatbelt Clip

These should not be missed customers have to push the catch to release the belt. Again using a wipe or cloth & spray clean the button & the entire casing. It’s important as people will hold the clip while trying to insert the fastener. Now exit the vehicle without touching any surfaces. Close the door without touching the handle. Job Done!

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