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The measures we have introduced to prevent the spread of the virus

We are here to support you.

The concerns addressed by our scientists and policies implemented by the government are fully understood by Aero Taxis Southampton. Please rest assured that whenever you choose to travel with Aero Taxis it is safe, clean and reliable and never has this been more important than the present.

For Aero Taxis Southampton the health of our passengers, drivers and employees is our number one concern. We strive to offer a full service to all passengers and customers for essential travel and delivery & collection services during this difficult period.

In line with UK Government advice, we have a clear set of guidelines for managing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Your safety and the health of our drivers is our top priority. We continue to follow Public Health England (PHE) recommendations and are committed to protecting our people, passengers and driver-partners.

Our policies have been set out showing the steps we are taking to give you and our driver’s peace of mind when you make a booking with Aero Taxis Southampton.

Our Prevent & Protect Strategy


We ask that passengers exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 do not travel.

We are advising to carry one passenger at a time unless from the same family

We take card and contactless payments.

We update our drivers with the latest news and guidance around COVID-19.

We require drivers exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 to stay at home.

We practice social distancing when delivering packages & we don’t require a signature for deliveries.

We have built customer advice notices into our website and booking systems.

Only essential employees are attending the omce. Within the omce, we are facilitating social distancing.

We are continuously reinforcing additional safety measures to our drivers, customers, and employees to help prevent the spreading of COVID-19.


We provide our drivers with protective equipment, such as gloves, masks and hand-sanitiser

We disinfect our vehicles with a disinfectant technology that kills 99.99% of viruses

Drivers have the same disinfectant for use on common touch points, such as door handles, after every journey

We facilitate regular weekly internal and external vehicle cleaning

We provide our drivers with guidelines on cleaning vehicles

We facilitate social distancing through use of rear seats only & limiting passenger numbers

We have vehicles with plastic sheets dividing a customer and our driver

Drivers provide sanitiser & tissues in their vehicle for passenger use

We constantly continue to monitor PHE advice closely and are ready to make all necessary changes to help protect our passengers, employees and our drivers.

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